" When a goal matters enough to a person, that person will find a way to accomplish what at first seemed impossible!"

- Nido Qubein -

Blockchain and Bitcoins: Only a buzzword or the new revolution?

The blockchain technology and bitcoins were the buzzwords in 2015 and 2016, especially in the startup and finance world.

Even though no matter who I talked to, everybody told me that it will become the next big thing but nobody could give me a satisfying explanation about the why.


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3. Why do we need central banks?


“This is why the banking system is prone to panic even when people think banks are solvent: solvency is contingent on the environment and impossible to determine in real time. Only government backstops, including a lender of last resort and deposit insurance ultimately guaranteed by the monetary authority, can overcome the risk embedded in banks’ funding model.”

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2. Why do we need banks?


“Without the well-developed capital markets of the US, European companies are reliant on bank lending.” (Financial Times, 2016)


Allyn Young, an American economist, wrote a very interesting and well-written paper about the mystery of money and credit. He argues that we not only need money for trading more easily but also to store value.

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1. The hierarchy of money

“… the German construction group has sold assets, reduced debt and switched its focus away from winning orders and towards cash flow” (Financial Times, 2016).


There is a hierarchy of money, which was established due to many historical events and circumstances. Gold is on top of the hierarchy because you can not “make” more gold. This makes it a scarce commodity. Furthermore, back in the days, every merchant or country accepted gold as a means of payment.

What would you rather get paid in hundred of years ago? In real gold or a currency that is only worth something, because a government puts a stamp on the note, but that could be a worthless piece of paper depending on the government and whether it’s forged? What happens if there is an inflation or if you can’t pay with the foreign    currency in your home country?

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